Carthage, Missouri
Lawn - We use a battery-powered electric mower

Compost - all usable kitchen scraps go to our compost heap, as well as
coffee grounds and yard waste.

Recycling - We attempt to buy concentrated products where possible to
reduce.  We also attempt to reuse containers or buy products that come
in reusable containers.  When we can't reduce or reuse, we recycle.  All
aluminum cans, plastics, cardboards, and papers go to the Carthage
recycle center.

Appliances - we use energy star whenever possible.  Our washer is a
very highly rated front-loader, and our dishwasher is near the most
efficient in terms of water and energy usage available.  We also use a
water softener to make the most efficient use of our detergents.

Heating and Cooling - where possible, we have added storm windows,
caulked, and insulated to reduce our energy usage.  We have also
replaced old heat and air with high efficiency units that reduce our
consumption of electricity and natural gas.

Landscaping - in addition to composting and using human-powered lawn
equipment, we also endeavor to reduce our use of harmful chemicals on
the lawn and gardens.  We fertilize with compost and other natural
ingredients where feasible.  We reduce the use of herbicides by digging
up weeds where practical, and spot treating what is left.

Guest Laundry - we gladly wash towels daily if desired.  For guests that
are environmentally inclined, we gladly will wash towels only as
requested, rather than as used.  We normally change sheets every other
day, but are also glad to modify the laundry schedule in this area upon
request as well.

Lights - where feasible, we have implemented the newer, high-efficiency
bulbs to reduce electrical consumption.

Window Units/Space Heaters - this is a very big house, and it is difficult
to balance the whole place for each guest's total comfort.  To
compensate, we have added individual window units and space heaters
to the guest rooms so that each may make their environment as
comfortable as possible.  We heat and cool the house to an acceptable
medium, but if you desire an adjustment from that level, you can
comfortably do so without wasting energy on modifying the whole house.

Transportation - when practical, we walk.  When not, we drive, but we
attempt to combine errands and shop locally.  Our primary supplier is
1.5 miles away, so even when we do drive, it is not far!  Our car gets 25
mpg and has California emissions.
A relaxing escape to the gracious past!