Carthage, Missouri
Special Events We have a bunch of them.  The Carthage CVB is great at
keeping up with what is happening - give them a visit.  Recurring events
include The Midwest Gathering of the Artists, July 4th Celebration,
Maple Leaf, Christmas Lights at the Co-Redemptrix, Chautauqua, and
the Acoustic Music Festival

Kendrick House - The Jayhawkers got bored (they lived in Kansas) and
came over the state line to burn Carthage to the ground.  They got all
but two buildings, one of which is the Kendrick House, available for
tours and group dinners.

Art Central Hyde House - great exhibits of local and regional talent.

Powers Museum - These folks do a great job of mixing local interests
and traveling exhibits.  Visit their website to see what is coming next.

Stones Throw Dinner Theatre - Local folks acting in plays written by big
city folks, all with dinner and a roll.  What's not to like?

Sandstone Gardens - stunningly tasteful statuary and landscape
elements mixed with a beautiful Victorian atmosphere.  The impeccable
tastes of the proprietors is evident in every nook and cranny.

Carthage Civil War Museum - Missouri was the only undeclared state
during the war.  Instead, it was a microcosm for the country - the north
part of the state vs. the south.  One of the earliest battles of the war
(more like a skirmish, really, but it was big to us) was fought right here.

Route 66 Drive In - Who thought a drive in theater could survive and
make money in the age of daylight savings time and parents who want to
know what their kids are up to?   It took Carthage to make this work, and
work it does!

Casinos -  There are a half-dozen casinos within a 45 minute drive -
several within 20 minutes.  Come ready to play!

Wildcat Glades - This Audubon Society center features year-round
programs, great nature walks, and lots of interactive exhibits. Fun,
educational, and despite the name, no actual predators that we are
aware of.

Carthage Library - Carnegie, the famous philanthropist/monopolist,
helped build our stunning local library with a $25,000 grant made
contingent on a local tax to support the library.  Check out a book,
periodical, or great architecture.

Wine Tour and Wineries -
Keltoi, White Rose, Yup, we are brewin'
moonshine in them there hills.  We've got a wine tour and everything.  
Gotta see it to believe it.

Phelps House - So this Colonel Phelps, or so the story goes, came home
from the Civil War (which was anything but civil) and decided that he
wanted to leave the big city life of Springfield, MO and build a house
somewhere more rustic, which turned out to be Carthage.  His mansion
was passed down Carthage Historic Preservation Society and is now
available for weddings, private parties, and Tours on Wednesdays only.

Local Dining - We've got
Lucky J Steakhouse and Arena, Boomer Sooner
BBQ, Root 03, Iggys, Bamboo Garden, El Charro, Pancake Hut, and
Pizza Hut (no relation).

Jasper County Court House - The courthouse burned during the Civil
War, so we needed a new one.  The funds were approved by the voters
in 1891, but the results were disputed all the way to the Supreme Court.  
A second vote was called for, and the cornerstone was finally laid in
1894 - the year after our house was built.  The results were spectacular -
the Jasper County Courthouse is frequently cited as the second-most
photographed public building in Missouri.

Route 66 - The mother road.  Come and get your kicks!

George Washington Carver - An amazing mind, put to good use.  Come
visit our nearest national monument - just 20 minutes from our front

Antique Shopping on the Square - An interesting and eclectic collection
of various antique shops and malls.  Take your time - there are bargains
to be found.

Precious Moments - Sam Butcher created the sensation, and tends to
his legacy to this day.  Come visit to get a glimpse of his vision and
A relaxing escape to the gracious past!